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1. Online - By credit or debit card

Payment with all credit cards or debit or prepaid Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro cards via Viva Wallet.

After filling in the relevant fields in the "shopping cart", you will be led to a secure environment of the partner service above to complete your order.

In this case, your card details are not stored anywhere, they are only used during checking and debiting. Thus, the transactions that you make in our e-shop through credit cards, are done with absolute security.

2. Cash on delivery (only for Greece)

The payment of your order will be made to the employee of the courier company upon delivery and you will be charged with 2 € cash on delivery costs.

3. By deposit in a bank account (only for Greece)

You can complete your order by depositing the total amount in the following bank account, writing as a reason e-shop and the name in which the order was placed:

EUROBANK: GR7202604490000150200336422

VIVA WALLET: GR2470100000000993916993609

NATIONAL: GR6001100740000007400234345